The day I said YES!!

It’s the most exciting day of your life… the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were little: Your Engagement!

No?! …oh. You think I meant to say “Your Wedding Day”? Well, I guess that does make sense for most people.

Hmm. Perhaps if I share my story, it can hopefully help clarify my odd sense of priorities…

When I was just six years old, my mom took me to a park in the city of Miraflores, Peru. The park sat up on a small seaside cliff. It was called “El Parque del Amor” or “The Park of Love”.

The Park of Love

In the center of the park sat a huge statue of a couple in a lovers embrace sharing a passionate kiss. As we looked up at the statue together, she told me about the park’s legend: “If you bring the man you love to this park and kiss him under this statue, he will be the man you marry and you will live together happily ever after.” From that day on, I never stopped dreaming of the day I would find the love of my life proposing to me under that statue in The Park of Love.

Sixteen years later, on May 27, 2010, I found myself standing under that very statue in the park. This time however, instead of my mom, I was accompanied by my first true love.

Paul and I at The Park of Love

Paul brought along our camcorder to tape, what just seemed to me at the time, a sentimental return to a park for people in love. While standing underneath the statue together, we shared our feelings and shortly after, he went down on one knee and began to propose! “Bonnie Elmendorf… Will you marry me?” My surprise only allowed me to muster a “Oh My Gosh!” several times before finally absorbing what was happening. With the people around us slowly beginning to clap and cheer, I immediately said “Yes!”, put the ring on and hugged him before he even had a chance to stand up! It was literally the happiest day of my life… I was smiling from ear to ear for weeks!

Right after I said YES!


And… the journey begins!

Your wedding day. It’s one of the biggest moments in your life. A roller coaster thrill ride of excitement and stress. Some couples possess the time and patience of a Buddhist monk. Others perhaps have been blessed with the mother or friend that can do it all. For the rest, it can test the very limits of your relationship and your wallet. And that’s where I come in: the professional wedding planner.

I’ve gone through the usual evolutionary stages you’d probably expect: The countless hours of wedding TV shows and movies, making my interest in weddings become clear. Attending and helping friends and families’ with their weddings, an appetizer at best. Perhaps a degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida? Why not. But of course, nothing beats the real thing. It was time to make people’s dreams come true! After more than 2 exciting years of bringing dozens of couples’ visions to life, I have been blessed with reaching the Holy Grail myself: becoming engaged and planning my own wedding!

I felt this was the perfect opportunity to venture out into the world of blogging and share a unique experience with other brides-to-be. Like spotting Bigfoot or a UFO, it’s not often that a wedding planner gets to (or wants to) share their personal adventure of planning their own wedding. Like that awesome recipe you found online that your friends still think you came up with, this blog can help you get organized, entertained and talking like a pro to anyone you want to impress.